Anti ticket tout campaign claim victory

ticket tout campaignPut Fans First, the anti ticket tout campaign, has announced that the government are now backing the requested amendments to a consumer rights bill. 

Arguably a little premature, they have posted to social media to say “This will be our final post. The Government is now supporting the amendments, which will help protect fans from ticket fraud. Thank you for all of your support!

The campaign is being run by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ticket Abuse, who went public earlier this year when the House of Commons shot down the amended bill, after it had passed in the House of Lords.

It’s unclear at the moment what exactly the government have backed and when these changes will take place. Mostly the APPG on Ticket Abuse website talks about wanting ‘transparency’ from resellers, such as the original price of the ticket and whether the terms and conditions of the ticket allow for resale. But the campaign has often focused on the issue of the likes of StubHub bulk buying tickets as soon as they are released then hugely inflating the price. As has been the case with every major live event in the country in the last few years.

I’ve been involved in work to change UK legislation, so I do know that a lot of work can be going on ‘behind the scenes’, but I am curious about the APPG’s abrupt halt to providing information and early celebration. The bill hasn’t even been passed yet, and we don’t know on what terms.

I’ve been trying to engage with the group for weeks, but all their outlets seem a one way conversation. You can’t post to their Facebook wall, comments aren’t responded to, neither are tweets, and an email address is not supplied. It’s a shame these resources where not used to involve and update the fans it’s all apparently for.

Put Fans First posted a few minutes ago to say…

Anti ticket tout campaign claim victory

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