MV’s ‘UK metal venues’ interactive map

uk metal venues mapMV’s ‘UK metal venues‘ directory now includes an interactive map to make it even easier to find new UK metal venues. 

From Thurso to St Ives we now have over 350 live metal venues listed, covering the whole of the UK (and a bit more). It couldn’t be easier to plan a circuit, find new metal venues, or plot your bands UK domination. Don’t say Metal Veins never gives ya anything!! There is no other map out there on the web just for UK metal venues.

Included are rock pubs, basement bars, community centres, student unions, concert halls, dedicated venues, arenas and everything in between. All venues included have a confirmed recent history of playing live metal bands. If you’re a punter looking for a new place to go, or a band that is looking to extend your gigging range, check out the MV directory [here] now . Get known up and down the country, meet other bands and experience the metal scene across the whole of the UK.

The Metal Veins ‘UK metal venues’ directory includes links to each venues website and social media pages so you can easily scope the place out. Check out who played there recently, what the audience reaction was, and what facilities the venue has to offer.

MV painstakingly entered all the information you could need to scope out new venues. Both the map and the plain old list contain links to the venue’s websites and social media pages. Using the Google map engine means the addresses and directions are confirmed.

The UK is a hot-bed of live music venues of all sizes, with dedicated staff and punters all waiting to see what you’ve got.

Here at Metal Veins, we want the directory to be as useful as possible to UK bands and visitors to our fair shores. If you know of a venue that needs adding to the ‘UK metal venues’ directory, drop MV a line here.

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