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Deicide and Broken Hope make up

glen benton deicide

In a slightly surprising development, Deicide’s Glen Benton and Broken Hope have made up after last weeks public falling out, that got Broken Hope kicked off the Deicide US tour. Broken Hope posted a statement and apology to Facebook reading: “BROKEN HOPE and DEICIDE have buried the hatchet. MUSIC and FRIENDSHIP are most important to …

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Glen Benton responds to Broken Hopes claims

glen benton

Deicide’s Glen Benton has spoken to Metalsucks about recent drama with support act Broken Hope. Broken Hope’s Jeremy Wagner recently posted that Glen Benton had had the band kicked off their tour, with accusations of jealous and petty behavior on Benton’s part, including that Glen Benton had demanded the use of their equipment and prevented Broken …

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Attacks and tantrums on Deicide / Broken Hope tour

broken hope

As the Chicago based band Broken Hope were playing their set supporting Deicide on Wednesday night, 3 fans were attacked by a guy carpet knife. 30-year-old Jesus Ortega has been arrested by El Paso Police after 2 concert goer’s suffered head and chest wounds and one received an ear to ear throat cut. Thankfully all …

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