The ‘metal revolution’ is here, allegedly

metal revolutionAfter some attempts to tease via social media yesterday, Metal Hammer declared a metal revolution. With hash tags and headlines like #‎TheRevolutionHasBegun and ‘[three metalcore bands] …lead the new metal revolution’, Metal Hammer ‘redefined metal‘.  

To redefine something you must give new meaning to a thing that’s previously defined. Core is what metal is about? Since when? Metal/hardcore is a hugely divisive genre with its own complexity, themes and history. It’s corporate success alone differentiates it, as well as causes questions about its authenticity.

I’ll be frank, I don’t like it. You don’t agree? Fine, that’s your prerogative, but ‘core is not my thing. I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve gone off piste at Bloodstock and I’ve sat through video after video, just not feeling it. Bits are good, and then the cookie monster vocals kick in, or someone gets melodic.

Of course the metal scene has long been notoriously fractured, and no one would expect a metal fan to like every genre, or even many genres. But I don’t remember any previous claims that death, thrash, industrial, symphonic or other any other sort, was the definition of metal!

Disgruntled Facebook jokester asked if Metal Hammer were giving out free fake tattoo sleeves as well. Twitter responses looks to be full of young girls crushing on ‘Auuuuuustin‘, squealing over the ‘mean’ face he’s pulling, and comparing him to a pussy cat (seriously).

Those complaining are being called haters and elitist, and words like ‘evolution’ and ‘progress’ are getting chucked around by people who don’t really seem to understand the concept (hint: neither are subjective). But I don’t believe disagreeing with Metal Hammer about any apparently impending metal revolution is elitism.

Whether this corporate shilling or some en masse conversion of MH staff, it’s a kick in the face to call metal/death/hardcore either a revolution or the meaning of metal.


The ‘metal revolution’ is here – allegedly

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